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Discover Your Path to Clear Vision

We've reached a tipping point where LASIK is popular and cheap enough that more and more people with poor vision are making the leap to get it fixed permanently. Other solutions like ICL are also gaining popularity.

6 Tips to Hack Your Dealership

Buying a car is a big ticket item and an important financial decision for most people. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement once you walk into the dealership and make a rash choice, but take a moment to consider these sales strategies before signing.

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The Fix For Missing Teeth and Jaw Pain

People get dental work for a variety of conditions. A key reason to spend the money is that having good teeth is such an important asset for both your professional and personal life.

The Next Leap In Autonomous Tech May Replace Millions Of US Workers

Self-driving cars are the next big threat to the American worker, given the importance of driving to the US economy. How will we adapt?

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Men and Women Leaving Lipo Behind for Safer Fat Freezing Procedure

Plastic surgeons and med-spas alike are promoting Coolsculpting with a new vigor. The procedure has become accessible to ordinary folks who have a lunch hour to spare to lose select areas of body fat with no downtime or surgery.

Why Crossover SUVs Are More Popular (And Affordable) Than Ever

Are crossovers right for you? Check out some of the top selling models and see what crossovers are like today.