Senior Deals
Independent Seniors are Enjoying The Golden Years

Whoever told you that young people have the most fun haven’t seen how these seniors are spending their retirement years. Today, senior living enables your loved ones to get the most out of their golden years by keeping them independent, social, and active.

Senior Deals
Seniors Hit the Jackpot with Reverse Mortgages

Pensions and social security payments are good financial safety nets for your retired loved ones, but as the costs of living naturally increase over time, they may find that eventually they’re spending more but getting less for their money.

Here's What Everyone Wants to Drive in 2018

Auto show season is swiftly approaching, and consumers are eagerly awaiting the latest and greatest from vehicle manufacturers. Some of the vehicles are completely new offerings, while others showcase exciting redesigns.

Senior Deals
Simple Changes Can Make Senior Independence Possible

One of the dilemmas facing everyone right now is the choice to age at home. More and more, the elderly are choosing an independent life within the places they’ve chosen to live it. The reasons are varied. Some want the pride of managing their own affairs, while others fear they may lose their outgoing sensibilities. Both choices put their kids in a difficult position.

2018 Cars Taking Luxury to the Next Level

From the power of the V8 Ford Mustang to the incredible speed of the open-top Audi R8 Spyder, 2018 will set the auto world on fire. Automakers are still rolling out surprises that will push the envelope when it comes to luxury.

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Lasik: What Is Perfect Vision Worth?

If you suffer from poor vision, you’ve probably had to go through the hassle of eyeglass selection and fittings, costly prescription updates, ordering lenses, and beyond. The truth is, subpar vision inarguably affects your day-to-day quality of life, and makes even simple tasks—like getting up in the morning—a blur. That’s why Lasik technology is a game changer for so many.