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Could Genetics Be Causing Your Joint Arthritis Pain?

Joint pain is uncomfortable and inhibitive daily struggle for many who suffer from arthritis. Though many of the causes of arthritis are well-documented, studies suggest that there is a growing link between arthritis-related joint pain and genetics.

Home Improvement
Med Alert Devices: Safety + Peace Of Mind

Home is where you’re supposed to feel safe. However, even properties in the most tranquil neighborhoods are still at risk from intruders. When you can’t afford a private security team or a pack of intimidating canines to guard your home, what can you do to protect your family? Thankfully, there are many measures you can take to keep your home safe.

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Here's What Dental Implants Should Cost

If your smile is bringing you down, it might be worth considering a dental implant. An implant can offer a healthy, natural-looking smile that fits perfectly with your existing bite. You won’t feel the difference in chewing or speaking with a good implant.

8 SUVs with Lower Gas Mileage

Check out these new SUV models for 2018 that showcase sporty styles fuel-efficiency. These new models vary in every size segment and price point, with offerings coming in from Ford, Jaguar, BMW and even Alfa Romeo.

The Major Changes to the Cable Industry

Some big changes turned the cable industry on its head this year. How we consume content has changed dramatically in just a few years, and providers have scrambled to find solutions to this uniquely modern challenge. That on-the-go trend is driving the major developments that will shape the industry over the next few decades.

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2019 Laser Technology Means BETTER Than 20/20 Vision In 60 Seconds

LASIK is incredibly exciting for anyone who has depended on glasses, contacts and eye doctor visits for their entire life to suddenly live in a world of perfect vision. That's exactly what more and more people are opting for these days.