Rest Easy: How to Make Your Dream Bedroom a Reality

It’s a fact. You spend a third of your life sleeping. So it’s important that your bedroom is as comfortable as possible. Creating the ideal sleep space is something you’ll want to invest a bit of time, energy and money into—and trust us, it’ll be worth it. The best sort of sleep space is somewhere you can feel tired at night and well rested in the morning. Here’s how to achieve that perfect balance.

If it doesn’t make you feel relaxed, it doesn’t belong.

When you step into your bedroom, it should feel like a spa. But you don’t need twinkling lights and a personal massage table to make it feel luxurious (then again, it probably couldn’t hurt). What you have to do here is just really deck out your room with everything that makes you feel like the best, most relaxed version of yourself. Try decorating with relaxing sleep-inducing colors like grays, beige-browns and purples. These hues can subconsciously trigger sleepy, peaceful feelings.

Make it smell good.

Essential oils are the cornerstone of wellness. Use them to fill your retreat with oils that trigger feelings of relaxation and happiness. Like lavender or chamomile. The best part about essential oils is that you can use them to train your brain to relax. Fill your sleep space with the essential oils of your choice as you’re winding down for bed, and soon your brain will begin to associate that smell with sleep and relaxation.

Make your sleep space a device-free space.

The bad news: gone are the days of reading before bed. You’re lucky if you’re able to stop answering emails right before hitting the sack. Now, the good news: This is totally fixable. Simply make your bedroom a device-free zone. Before bed every night, make it a point to leave all devices outside the bedroom. You can even “tuck them in” under a microfiber cleaning cloth. This will help establish a routine that allows you to feel free to fully unwind before bed.

Clean up your act.

It may feel convenient for your bedroom to double as your office, storage room and part-time gym. But it’s not conducive to getting a good night of rest. So do an honest survey of your bedroom. And remove everything that doesn’t have to do with sleep. This will train your brain to associate your bedroom with sleeping, rest and relaxation. And that’s half the battle.

Make your bed a sanctuary.

Since you spend so much of your life sleeping, it’s never a good idea to cut corners with your bed. Invest in a good mattress and quality bedding that will make your bed a place you want to be at the end of every day. Sweet dreams.


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