Banks Step Up With Big Offers To New Customers

Looking for a quick way to earn a few hundred dollars? The answer could be as easy as opening an online bank account. But, why? Banks benefit so much from converting new accounts to long-term customers that they can afford to give out upfront bonuses. Review the signup bonuses available this year.

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In fact with many online banking providers currently offering significant cash bonuses for new online accounts, now’s a great time to open your new account.

Think about it…

Right now banks are PAYING YOU to enjoy the super convenience of managing your checking account simply by tapping the screen of your smart phone.

So what’s an online checking account offer you?

Mobile Deposit

Know how to snap a picture with your smart phone?

Well you’re 97% of the way there! All you’ll have to do is select your account, enter the check’s dollar value and position the check in the app’s capture field – the app then snaps the photo and you’ve made the deposit. You’ll even now have the check’s image in your records! This single feature alone saves you a bunch of TIME and ENERGY when managing your account.

ZERO COST – No Monthly Fees & Free ATM Withdrawals

Another great thing about online checking is the vast majority of providers DON’T CHARGE MONTHLY FEES and have no account balance minimum requirement. Now you might say, ‘So what? I only pay $6.95/month.’

But those monthlies add up. Not just for a single year, but think about the cost over multiple years or even decades! Plus why would you even want to pay the banks anything for using YOUR MONEY to get themselves a nice return?

To add more frosting to your financial cake, many online checking accounts include 100% FREE ATM withdrawals – they’ll even reimburse you if you get stuck paying any fees abroad or domestically. As with the brick & mortar’s monthly charge, these sneaky fees can add up fast with many folks COUGHING UP $100s a year without even knowing it! You work hard for your money, don’t let the traditional banks sucker you out of it.

Get Rid Of Shady Overdraft Fees and Annoying Penalties

Like overdrawing your account by $2 and getting zapped with a $35 overdraft fee?

Of course not.

And with an online checking account it won’t happen again. With most providers including OVERDRAFT PROTECTION with their free checking accounts, you’ll never have to worry about writing a check your balance can’t quite cover.

Account Snapshots

Want to see your checking account info in 1 nice neat place?

Mobile apps often provide easy-to-use dashboards which show your crucial data on a single summary screen. Also through an app you should be able to take advantage of features like online bill pay and the ability to transfer money.

Face ID & Biometric Login

Juggling a bunch of passwords for different sites is a drag. It’s tough remembering which ones go with what site and there’s always the security concern. But with online checking there’s no worry.

With most providers using applications which streamline and simplify password management, you’ll be able to easily – and safely - sign-in to your account through your device’s facial recognition or fingerprint capabilities.

No memorization PLUS cutting-edge security – the best of both worlds!

Apple Pay & Samsung Pay

Ever experience the sinking feeling of being out somewhere and when it’s time to pay you realize you left your wallet at home? It’s embarrassing to say the least…and in the wrong situation can be seriously problematic. But great news…

Apple Pay and Samsung Pay have made it so YOU DON’T NEED CASH OR CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS to pay your bill! Nope. Just connect your online checking account to Apple Pay or Samsung Pay and you’ll be able to pay using your phone. A lot of merchants recognize electronic payment and all you’ll need is your passcode or thumbprint (plus a credit card terminal) and you’ll be good to go – it doesn’t get easier than that.

Card Control and Theft/Fraud Protection

Losing your credit or debit card is no picnic. Not only is the fear of sudden unauthorized charges a heart clencher, but if the wrong person’s hands snag your debit card you could be out some very real money in no time. But an online checking account virtually eliminates this threat.


Because the new advanced smart phone apps provided with your online account let you immediately freeze your card while reporting it lost or stolen. Not only does this give you tremendous security, but your mobile phone app lets you manage your card(s) anytime, anywhere (with internet access) AROUND THE WORLD.

It’s Time To Step Up

Yes, you’re in the 21st century, so why not take advantage of all the benefits an online checking account offers?

With an online account you’ll get:

  • Greater convenience
  • Improved security
  • The chance to avoid paying $100s – if not $1000s – in annual fees and sneaky penalties

On top of this your new online checking account will give you direct access to the latest technologies - payments, fund management and preventing theft or fraud will now be virtually instantaneous and more effective than ever before.

But you’re a bit nervous about moving away from good ole brick & mortar? Well whether you go with an online account or physically put your money in a bank vault, your funds are still recorded electronically as “0s” and “1s” – this means an online account gives you all the EXTRA BENEFITS with zero new risk.

So if you’re ready to making your banking management easier and safer while saving significant money, start a search for an online checking account TODAY.