Lower Your Bill: Compare No Contract Phone Plans

Not only is it smart to update your device every couple of years, and get a case to keep it from cracking, but also, burdensome phone contracts are becoming a thing of the past. If you're stuck paying too much, you owe it to yourself to see the latest and greatest. Not only that, in 2019 major phone providers like AT&T are offering better rates to first responders.

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You Deserve A Better Network

Let’s be honest, at some point or another, you’ve likely experienced a moment when your service provider let you down. Was it at a crowded concert, sporting event or (on the other end of the spectrum) midway through a beautiful scenic excursion? Somewhere else, perhaps? Wherever you were, you felt the urge to make a call, send a message or post a photo to your social media account. You also undoubtedly felt the frustration when, much to your dismay, you watched the data ‘spinner’ on your screen spin and spin.... And spin some more. At the time, you may have blamed your stupid smartphone (pun intended). More than likely, the party responsible for the lack of connectivity was actually your service provider and their lack of adequate network coverage.

Oftentimes, carriers can have holes in networks where either signal is not available whatsoever or what little bandwidth is available can be quickly overrun by too many users. When shopping for a new carrier, the best advice is to review carrier maps and compare them to where you live and visit the most. Luckily, most of this info is available by searching online.

Are You Paying Too Much?

Often times, after the hot deal you signed up for under a promotional periods has ended, you’ll be blindsided by a new bill with ‘standard rates’. Why would anyone want to pay more for the same services? Most service providers are under the assumption that customers will pay these higher rates as the act of switching carriers can be inconvenient. Lucky for you, the internet allows you to shop for the best new promotional rate available. You might even find that you qualify for free stuff, more data and a lower bill!

Is It Time For An Upgrade?

Like a fine wine, many things only get better with age. Unfortunately, your phone isn’t one of them. Has your current device changed from a sleek and incredibly fast technological marvel - to an excruciatingly slow and beat up device with a battery hot enough to cook a Hot Pocket? Yes? Well, it may be the perfect time to upgrade your phone AND your carrier. Lucky for you, many carriers will entice new customers with the latest and greatest devices at little to no out of pocket cost!

But I Love My Phone!

When switching carriers, you may want to consider bringing your current device over to a new network. Many carriers will offer deep discounts if you BYOP or Bring Your Own Phone. Did you buy your current device outright? If so, it’s typically not too difficult to unlock the device which will allow it to connect to a new carrier network. If you’re still paying monthly installments to your provider for the cost of your device, don’t fret. There may be other options! In an attempt to steal customers from the competition, many carriers will offer to buyout your current contract in exchange for signing a new contract with the new carrier. Shop around online to find the carriers offering these type of incentives.