Why Did No One Tell California Drivers About This New Trick?

Read this before paying your next car insurance premium

By now, it should be well known that for YEARS, or even DECADES, many Americans have overpaid for car insurance.

Unfortunately, many drivers are simply unaware of this truth. We also have one GIANT yet Simple Trick to tell you, but we will get to that later.

If you are reading this, you are likely NOT so naive to believe that your current insurance is and will always be the least expensive option. Could you qualify to save up to $707/year (1) or more simply by requesting an online quote?

We’d be willing to bet your local insurance agent has kept this little online shopping secret to him or herself. Are you also aware most insurance agents are paid a commission based upon the value of each policy sold. Where does that commission come from?.. Your premium, obviously.

In an effort to lower their rates and cut out the middle man, many savvy drivers are now shopping online for car insurance. You might be surprised to learn that a quick online quote could lower your monthly payments to $58 (1) or less when additional discounts are applied to your new policy.

Pro Tip: Many people don’t realize they can change insurance providers without penalty and do so at any time. That’s right, if you move your policy to another provider, you’ll receive a prorated check for the remainder of your premium on the canceled policy!

So I bet you’re still wondering about our ‘One Simple Trick’, aren’t you? The trick is to NEVER buy or renew your insurance without first comparing all possible discounts online.

The best part of all:

Do you enjoy wasting a day driving to every agent in town, filling out endless pages of paperwork, and hearing every sales pitch about why their policy is better than the last? We didn’t think so.. Our tried and true method allows you to see if you qualify for better rates quickly and all without a pushy agent breathing down your neck. All you really need to do is enter your zip code and driver information on your phone, tablet or computer. That’s it. It’s really just that simple!

Here’s How It Works:

Step 1: Click your age range below
Step 2: On the following page, enter your zip code and answer the qualifying questions.
Step 3: Think of all the ways you’ll spend that extra savings of up to $707 this year! (1)

Select Your State:

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(1) https://lifehacker.com/youre-probably-overpaying-for-car-insurance-1819379783

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